Initial you must determine the place the electricity for your new lamp will come from. The ideal spot is from a junction box on the ceiling in the center of the pool table, some homes have an outlet on the wall or ceiling, or possibly the junction box is not in the center of the table, but we’ll presume you are set up for the center table install.The height of the billiard lamp must be roughly thirty” from the surface of your billiard table. It should permit the light to cast out to the edge of the pool table, but not be so high the light floods out on the floor. Also, if your billiard table light is too low you will have shadows from the balls at the ends of the table. I advise starting up at thirty” and adjusting it in accordance to the specifics of the billiard light you decide on, basically include or subtract backlinks from the chain.If your table is not set up nevertheless and you’d like to hang your light initial, hang the bottom of your lamp shades about 62″ from the floor. You may possibly want to alter it slightly soon after your billiard table is in, so be confident to depart some extra chain accessible. Most pool table lights sold today, and all people sold at My Customized Gameroom, will come with a canopy that attaches to the ceiling which you will hook the prime of the chain to. 4×3 gazebo If you never have energy in the center of the table you could depart the canopy off and basically run the chains to two separate hooks above both finish of your pool table.I hope this provides you a guidebook when hanging your new pool table light, But if you have any other question, please feel free to e-mail me anytime, Wealthy